KPM in Action

Kawasaki's hydraulic components and systems are utilised world-wide to provide the power source in Excavators, Cranes, Fork Lifts, Agricultural Machinery and many other special purpose vehicles.

Kawasaki has an enviable reputation for producting high quality hydraulic components for high power applications requiring precise control. Designed for operation in the most rigorous of operating conditions, Kawasaki's hydraulic components  are market leaders in reliability and controllability.

Extreme weathers and rough seas are no match for Kawasaki pumps and motors. They work hard around the clock, and in hazardous sea conditions. It's no wonder there are thousands of KPM products in use world wide.
From small anchor capstans on luxury yachts, to winches for tug boats; off shore fishing vessels, deck hatches, and 2600 tonne floating cranes, KPM products have carried the load.
Not only for marine, KPM products give more power to mining, earthmoving, construction and forestry equipment, plastic injection moulding machines, amongst many other applications.

Staffa motors wear less and have superior starting torque because of minimal metal-to-metal contact. Using hydrostatically balanced design, Staffas are the most technically advanced design on the market.

Our hydraulic systems are used in various civil engineering machines that require power and accurate control.

We would like to introducte the Kawasaki Tunnel Boring Machine (Shield Machine is included). The cutter drive and erector within these machines is provided by MX-RG, axial piston motor with reduction gear, or the HMKB (SX) radial piston motor, both offer high starting torque and low shaft creep characteristics.

Furthermore the hydraulic system activates the main function of the tunnel excavation system. Our hydraulic control technology has enabled the automation of tunnel segment erection.

Kawasaki is a total systems engineering company which applies hydraulic products to provide complete engineered solution on land, sea and air.

With 90 years experience in hydraulic technolody we have produced world leading hydraulic components offering advanced control, durability and reliability to provide the power and automation required in today's industrial machines.

For the future Kawasaki is looking to build on its success, always looking to provide increased innovation, diversification and continual improvements in service, reliability and efficiency.